Books: You can find many books to help you learn more about Integral Type frameworks at Radiance House. We will be adding specific recommended books to this page soon.

Workshops: Visit Linda Berens Institute's website for  a complete curriculum for learning the Integral Type approach, which is now called the Berens CORE™ Approach.

Articles: Linda Berens Institute's resources section has many articles about the models used in Integral Type.

Free webinar Recording: See an overview of the Berens CORE Approach in a recording of Getting Into The Communication Zone®.

Organizations: The following organizations or websites may be of interest to you.

The Association for Psychological Type international is a membership organization devoted to the theory and applications of psychological type.

HolacracyOne offers training and information about Holacracy, the innovative operating system for organizations that meets the needs of all types.

Integral Life offers articles and interviews on Ken Wilber and the Integral map.