Organizations face tremendous challenges today.  Leadership and employees alike are caught in a maze of demands including increased government regulation, a weak economy, needing to do more with less, escalating costs, pressure from anxious customers, employee engagement, leadership gaps, and more. 

The way to survive and flourish is to have innovative responses to these pressures.  Innovation occurs when there is a dynamic flow of energy and when there is enough diversity of thought, expertise and experience to generate the creative tension that will push thought outside the box. 

This very diversity also means there is much potential for wasteful friction, factions and conflict.  When, by their nature, people see things differently, perceive, problem solve and make judgments according to very different processes, the usual tendency is to blame and take a we-them stance.  Often, these creative forces become destructive forces.  Many don’t usually see these differences as natural and desirable.  In fact, most of us have very limited models for seeing the source of the differences at all. 

Integral Typeworks can help with these challenges. Read about our approach and some of our experiences below.

A Whole Organization Culture Change

The CEO of a mid-size hospital saw the impending health care funding crises and recognized that by improving communication throughout the organzation they would solve several additional problems. How to make this happen in short time to get impactful results? (Click here for testimonial video.)  more »

Communicating Well with Non-Technical People

The Founder/CEO of an agile software development company recognized that developers do not become developers in order to interact with people, yet they must work closely with clients using Scrum and other agile development methods. How to help these technical people communicate well with non-technical clients?  more »