Golden Shadow Workshop

Too many people die with their music still inside them.

                                                        —Oscar Wilde

What is your Golden Shadow? It is filled with the essential aspects of your hidden and unclaimed goodness as expressed through your talents, deep motivations, drives, and how you naturally think about things. Knowing your Golden Shadow will help you. . . .

  • Bring your gifts the world instead of holding yourself back.
  • Fulfill your potential and find what’s been missing from your life.
  • Have a bigger impact.
  • Have more self-mastery, less self-doubt.
  • Contribute more and feel more secure.
  • Discover what stresses you and what to do about it.

The Golden Shadow Workshop experience gives you a way to proclaim yourself to the world so you can reach your goals and realize your intentions while staying in harmony with the constant core of who you are.

Using powerful lenses of personality you will arrive at a deep understanding of yourself as well as of others. Each of these lenses reveals important information about yourself that you most likely have not had language to express. For some, these aspects have been denied and need to be reclaimed. Either way, it is a joyful, rejuvenating experience to find your golden shadow self.

You will engage in a first person self-reflection with second person feedback culminating in a third person, objective perspective on yourself. You will develop a Golden Shadow one-sheet that puts the essence of you in a language that others will understand.

Pre-workshop activities to be completed no later than one week prior to the workshop.

  1. Plan to spend 1-2 hours completing an in-depth on line survey to use during the workshop. This survey will be reviewed by Dr. Berens to help customize your workshop experience.
  2. You will also ask 4-5 friends or colleagues who know you well to complete an anonymous survey that will take about 20 minutes. The information from these surveys will be compiled in ways that protect anonymity and given to you at the end of day 1 for you to integrate into your Golden Shadow Profile.

Workshop Materials include:

The Golden Shadow comprehensive binder including the following Understanding Yourself and Others booklets:

An Introduction to the 4 Temperaments, 4.0
An Introduction to Interaction Styles, 2.0
The Sixteen Personality Types—Descriptions for Self-Discovery
An Introduction to the Personality Type Code

Continental Breakfast, Coffee, Tea, Snacks.

Lunch is on your own.


8:30 am - 5:00 pm each day

There are no events currently scheduled.

You may register by Phone: 1-714-625-9475
Cancellation Policy: 
No full refunds will be made. Cancellations made at least 45 days prior to the workshop start date will receive a refund of 70% of the registration fee. Cancellations made 15-44 days prior to the workshop start date will receive a refund of 50% of the registration fee. No refunds will be made for any cancellations received between 0-14 days of training start date. No cancellations may be made after transferring to another program. Cancellations after that point are non-refundable, however, substitutions are welcome and transfers to a later date can be arranged. In the event of a cancellation of this workshop for any reason, Integral Typeworks' liability is limited to return of registration fees only.