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 Catalyzing Growth

Releasing Untapped Potential and Energy

Engaging Talent and Perspectives

The mission of Integral Typeworks is to put powerful, profound typologies to work for organizations, leaders, teams, and individuals who want to increase their impact on the world. The work of Integral Typeworks is now being done through Linda Berens Institute.

Integral Type gives leaders and contributors a language for understanding very important aspects of individual differences that have the power to release untapped potential and energy.

This energy is often hidden and even trapped as

  • Individuals get caught up in assigned roles without an awareness of their strengths and perspectives
  • Teams work on projects without attention to the ways their differences and similarities drive their interactions
  • Organizations become blind to how their cultures block productivity and engagement

The Integral Type™ approach makes these strengths, blind spots, and perspectives visible. Once visible the typologies become a language for improving communication, developing stronger relationships and teamwork, and reducing unproductive conflict.

We provide . . .

  • Specialized programs that optimize individual differences for strengthening organizational culture, employee engagement, and communication
  • Public workshops and coaching for individuals and leaders who want to realize their goals and intentions and improve their communication and relationships
  • Certification programs, resources and ongoing support for practitioners whose roles are to be change agents and growth agents inside organizations or an independent practitioners.
  • Resources such as articles, books, web-based tools, and job aids

Integral Typeworks programs and methodologies are based on an Integral approach to typology developed by Linda V. Berens, Ph.D. These programs incorporate the InterStrength® Method, developed by Dr. Berens and her colleagues and put into practice by hundreds of practitioners worldwide.